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Our Lessons

Individually-tailored piano lessons with a professional teacher.

My lessons are focused on what a student is interested in learning, whether that is the songs of their favourite pop artist or taking graded exam pieces.

I build these individually tailored lessons into a course of lessons that will ensure that a student progresses, building and strengthening their knowledge and understanding of the piano.

Learning to that play the piano takes dedication, patience, and practice - I can assure you that if you have these three characteristics combined you will succeed with your musical ambitions.

Despite an almost unanimous public perception that musicians are born with a natural talent (while others are not!) this couldn't be further from the truth, anyone can learn to play the piano and develop to a level that they can find true enjoyment from.

For more information about my lessons, as well as starting on your musical journey don't hesitate to get in touch with me via

You can also find more information about piano lessons in Belfast on the Piano Lessons Belfast page of the national teacher database.

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